Outdoor City

OUTDOOR CITY is a selection of equipment consisting of flooring, partitioning of spaces and roofing for the definition of environments suitable for the HORECA sector, or the hospitality sector.The platforms are made with frames equipped with adjustable steel feet to adapt to slopes and irregularities of the support surface. The sensory impact is guaranteed by the coating with WPC slats, an eco-friendly and innovative material from a technological point of view, warm as wood, sound-absorbing and long-lasting.

Soluzione Outdoor City

For sun and rain protection, Pratique umbrellas are equipped with a waterproof fabric cover that is resistant to stains, molds or UV rays over time.Thanks to the winch mechanism of their retractable arm, they open and close the cover head above tables and chairs allowing a faster operation.

Fioriera Soluzione Outdoor City

The planters are an element of delimitation able to create a more intimate space where necessary, enriching the spaces with a selection of vegetation capable of creating pleasantness and decoration.

Soluzione Outdoor City

The spaces can be organized with access ramps, perimeter protection partitions, boundaries and umbrellas for sun and rain cover. A system of laminated safety glass panels attached to the base recessed inside the footboard delimits the accesses, preventing the risk of falling from the inside. Pratique umbrellas can be customized by integrating them with LED lighting and a motorized opening system. Thanks to the high quality standards of the products and materials used, these dehors guarantee accessible and functional management for the operators in the hospitality sector, adding value to the space in terms of safety, comfort, cleaning and shelter.

Modell 3D Outdoor City

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