the company

Our story

It’s born with Marino Pozza the decades of experience of a family in the parasol production sector and covers for outdoors, founding the first company in the province of Vicenza. Marino forms himself as a technician in the textile production sector, by developing an innate creativity and passion, before as an employee and after as a manager, knowing how to identify the most ingenious solutions in production processes. He began to assert himself with the ingenious and functional modifications he brought to work machines, optimizing so the production chain in terms of employments of personnel especially of materials produced.

Cut fabric
In 1991 in the company where he was working as production director, thanks to the strong increase of the production and to the lowering of the costs, manages to boost the sales!At this point the previous experience, the specific skills acquired over time, but above all the need for revenge and to be able to build something of one’s own, almost 30 years ago they took him to use his talent in the production of outdoor coverings.In few years the consolidated company in this manufacturing sector of the tertiary sector expands, develops and produces a range of umbrellas and complementary articles dedicated to the Horeca World.His capacities, his determination, but above all his strong ingenious allowed us to create what we are, leaving us a legacy of sacrifice and inventiveness, which our team will carry on with their head held high.


“Customized” is our key world; the priority is to satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele, complying with all requests with specific, technical and versatile products.

The passion

In these years the group of persons formed by Marino Pozza, received and repaid the trust of over 2000 clients that wanted to entrust us with ever more elaborate, specified projects, both in technical/graphic area but also from the marketing point of view.Today after Marino a new generation and his team carries on the cultural baggage of experiences and lessons acquired in a working life, with the same philosophy which has always distinguished it.We are aware that Marino’s successes are the result of a loyal bond between collaborators and customers and we will be committed to knowing how to do the same.Marino Pozza was and will be a point of reference for us to improve, grow but above all evolve. In his work he taught to us how to listen, understand and interpret a need, an idea, a problem… turning it in to a product.

Our vision

Our team is made up of personnel who makes the product in continuous contact and communication with technicians and experts of the sales group; the design area coordinates all the innovations and the requests that are assimilated by the market by making them applicable.The “widespread know” allows us to guarantee a strict collaboration between various production ambient; textile, carpentry, design, installers, sales network, etc. The vision of the team is synchronous and allows collaboration at all levels, from the simple primary level, to the purchase of the raw material, the design and the processing. This approach allows to develop the product design able to “dress” the needs of our target.