Gazebo on measure

They are designed and built to measure and available in the standard STANDARD version or in the PAVILION version with aesthetic perimeter fascia that integrates the water drainage system into the structure, channeling it into the uprights. The structures made of solid and eternal solid aluminum constructions are perfect for private and excellent gardens for premises, events and external bar covers.The roof can be designed with 1, 2 or 4 pitches, the cover is fixed with elastic tension hooks that make it particularly resistant and suitable for ventilated places. The curtain is in class 2 fire-retardant certified PVC in the colors chosen from the range available.

pergo space

They are modular structures that expand to various dimensions in steps of ONE, TWO or THREE BAYS. They are equipped with a single-cloth cover with a device for opening and closing the roof; they can be placed against buildings by hanging on the wall or ceiling, or independently with a self-supporting steel support structure. The front uprights have the function of draining through the internal ducting, and of supporting the roof frame for which a minimum inclination of 15% is recommended for the correct operation of the sliding device. The mobile folding awning is made as standard in white or champagne blackout PVC.
Manual winch opening with rod is available only for the one-span module; in the other versions, motorized opening with remote control is standard, which can be equipped with radio control, anemometer, sun / wind control unit. The LED lighting system integrated in the structure and the perimeter closures with gables and hermetic drop curtains are optional.

manta space

They are gazebos with a highly avant-garde aesthetic, equipped with a completely opena-ble flat cover and an upper perimetric sheet in aluminum sheet to contain the devices and the gutter for water drainage channeled into the uprights. The structures are made of sturdy aluminum tubes joined by cold-galvanized steel joints, ground fixing feet and perimeter gutter with channeled drainage in the uprights. The mobile folding awning is made of blackout PVC with a single curtain and inserted on a windbreaker sliding on guides; the opening takes place mechanically through a motorized system equipped with a remote control.

bio space

The bioclimatic pergolas are distinguished by the cover with adjustable slats which, in closing, protect from the rain by channeling it into the perimetrical downspouts and at opening they regulate at will the incoming breeze refreshing, shading at the same time from the direct rays of the sun. The ideal is to create an environment with vertically closing sides, with drop-down curtains with hermetic closure or sliding glass doors, allowing the internal microclimate to be adjusted at will thanks to the inclination of the roof slats. The structures have a radio-controlled remote controlled opening mechanism and can be integrated with a LED lighting system.