Closures and Complements

box table

Table for MQ28 and MQ30 bases with aluminium scructure, couple of lacquered woos tops or acid glass tops and closing perimeter canvas finished on demand or coordinated to the parasol’s canvas top.

standard dimension

122 x 121 x 80


lateral closures

The closing system with side in acrylic or PVC fabric is a valid solution to protect your dehor from the sun or from winter cold. For totally enclosed areas it is possible to create passages with roll-up and fold-up access doors with zip or Velcro the case of application on umbrellas, telescopic rods are available to be applied to the umbrella slats to unload the weight of the curtains.

LED on parasols

Each tubular metal product can be programmed during production with an integrated LED strip lighting system that provides for the assembly of the internal concealed operating devices in the structure.



The infrared heaters are in quality of expense and functionality are ideal to make the open spaces welcoming. The HLW15 models with one lamp bulb are available with black or white body, while HLW30 with double bulb lamp only with black body.